Self-Defence Professional Quality UK Legal Pepper Spray alternative. Police Used brand TiW TW1000. (1 x 40 mL Unit) TiW FARB-GEL-SPRAY for Women, Men, Dog Walkers, Elderly, Runners, Cyclists, Students

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DEFEND YOURSELF – STAY SAFE – With crime on the rise, we are constantly having to look for alternative protection for ourselves and the family.
HOW DOES IT WORK – Press to release and spray a red gel onto the attackers face, body , clothes, giving you vital seconds to escape and call the police. Farbgel will dye the assailants face and clothes for SEVERAL days making it easier to spot the attacker running away with all the red spray over him/her.
SMALL AND COMPACT – The smallest and most discrete defence spray you will find, it is perfect to carry in your pocket, handbag or car.
LEGAL IN THE UK – Does not contain any harmful chemicals and completely legal for possession UK
MORE INFOR – Contents: 40ml – Farb gel is the UK’s best selling self defence spray – Dimensions: 85 x 34mm

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